• NSF H-1 & HT-1 registered
  • All components US FDA approved
  • Tasted for harmful microbes (by independent laboratory)
  • Support HACCP principles
  • Lubrication performance equivalent or superior to conventional products



Out standing EP & AW
Water resisitance
Operating temp. -35°c -150°c

Fumed silica

Excellent AW performance
Hot or very cold environments are encountered
Operating temp. -50°c -180°c

Hydraulic Oils

ISO VG 32 46 68 and 100
Out standing wear protection
Recommended for pumps, bearing and lightly loaded gears

Compressor Oils

ISO VG 32 46 68 and 100
Recommended for cylinders and crankcases of reciprocating air compressors

EP Gear Oils

ISO VG 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 & 680
Excellent oxidation stability
Superior rust & corrosion protection
Excellent thermal stability

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